Workshop/ Geometric Pattern Creation / Illustrator

The Tulipbox
$220.000,00 COP

We love continuous patterns/motifs/prints! Why? because they have many uses, from stationery to textiles for fashion or decoration.

And if you say or usually say "I don't draw well, I don't know how to draw" approaching drawing from geometry is a good resource for observation and to lose the fear of drawing!

About the Workshop / Workshop

Our workshop is designed so that you can approach vectors through Adobe Illustrator from an initial level, learning from scratch to use the tool, use some resources and shortcuts, so that you can start experimenting and creating your projects.

We will take a walk through the use of color, how we can play with it to communicate, as well as the creation of an inspiration board or "mood board".

finally we will see ways to finalize your motifs / pattern / patterns and how to apply them to mock ups or your projects.

Start of the workshop: November 24

Class Dates: November 24,26 / Dec 1, 3

Workshop Cost: COP $220,000 / USD $70

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Our workshop will be virtual / online, live not pre-recorded.

The workshop will be given by Claudia Marcela Gutierrez Palomino, creator of The tulipbox - art and creator of Dita.carrè. With extensive experience in university teaching, as a teacher of analog and digital illustration. As well as experience in editorial illustration for children's and youth books. for publishers such as Panamericana Editorial, Libros y Libros, Collage Editores, Mac Graw Hill (USA). With participation in different collective exhibitions, such as Image Word (2011 - to 2017), women above (2007), among others. With mentions in different portals and in magazines such as IdN (2006).

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